Lil B doesn't write songs everyone likes. He leaves that to Big Boi and Cee Lo Green. What the Cali rapper does do is provoke, and his latest track is perhaps his most provocative yet.

Uploaded to YouTube earlier this week, 'I Got Aids' deals with exactly what its title implies: A dude calls up his lady, reveals that he's HIV positive and laments his decision not to use a condom.

"I felt fine, I never got sick, plus I look good," the artist born Brandon McCartney raps. "My mom said, "Keep your d--- in your pants, and you be good."

The rhyming of "good" with "good" is fairly indicative of this song's lyrical complexity, but the so-called Based God claims he wrote the tune to convey an important message.

"I wanna tell everybody, make sure y'all get tested, man," he says at the end of the track, abandoning his rapping for some straight-up moralizing. "This is not a game."

On the YouTube page, he goes a step further, urging fans -- in all caps, no less -- to upload videos of themselves going to get tested for STDs. He even promises to do likewise.

Arriving mere months after Lil B's controversial 'I'm Gay' album -- a record the hetero MC says he titled to show his support for the LGBT community -- 'I Got Aids' has met with a mixed reaction from online critics.

What do you think: Is Lil B baiting listeners with a publicity stunt masquerading as a public service announcement, or is he genuinely trying to raise awareness about an important issue? Either way, did he have to rhyme "good" with "good"?

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