If you're a fan of Lil B, you know that he's an avid Twitter user with 932,000 followers reading his every word. Now the Based God has delivered his first-ever emoji app called Basedmoji.

The app, which is available in the iTunes app store right now, is a must-have if you want to add some unique emojis to your tweets. The app description reads:

“This Is A Very Rare App Designed And Developed By Lil B himself!!! COLLECT THIS APP AND SPREAD AROUND THE WORLD! This app was created by Lil B to have fun with your friends and family and celebrate the life of Lil B! I LOVE YOU! – Lil B"

Basically, it's an app with different emojis of Lil B smiling and saying things like "Kool," "Can I Borrow Some $" and "Come Over."

So far, the app is a huge success, placing No. 30 on the Free Apps list on iTunes. You can download the app here.

Thank you Based God!