Diddy's 1997 hit 'I'll Be Missing You' earned him a Grammy Award for the lyrics that highlighted fallen MC Notorious B.I.G.'s storied career. In an interesting take on the song, a Virgina comedian is resurrecting the '90's smash by setting the tune to a song about the light bulb.

Remy Munasifi, fed up with the government dictating what kind of light he can "put in his Light Brite," brushed up on his rap skills and crafted a track -- with an accompanying video -- that addresses the Energy Independence and Security Act, a federal law that will go into effect in 2012, which changes the energy efficiency standards for light bulbs in the U.S.

In the clip, titled 'Missing You,' 31-year-old Munasifi, dressed in a black suit, cries over the glowing orb's demise -- tissue-dabbing near tear ducts and all. "Seemed like yesterday we used to rock the show/ I flip the switch you rock the glow/ So far from being only luminescent/ Notoriously incandescent/ But looks ain't only what they seem to be/ Congress is taking you away from me," he raps.

In 2012, 100 watt bulbs will no longer be sold at stores. In 2013, 75 watt bulbs will disappear and in 2014, 40 and 60 watt bulbs will be phased out. Halogen incandescent bulbs will be the go-to light source of choice as a result.

Watch Remy Munasifi's 'Miss You: The Incandescent Light Bulb Song'

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