Lea, the newest addition to 50 Cent's G-Note Records, brings her lyrics to life in the visuals for her Ken Lewis-produced ballad, 'November Skies (11/11/11).' The songstress, who hails from Queens, gives her fans a sneak peek with a trailer of what's to come from the official video, which debuts on The BoomBox Nov. 7.

In the preview, Lea stands her ground on a bridge, dressed in a flowing ivory dress, belting out lines of an unforgettable romance. "Gone are the butterflies and the summer nights/ Do you remember, the moment we said goodbye, I tried to turn back time/ And rewind, in these November Skies," she sings.

Besides outdoor scenes, she appears pensive while resting her head on a pillow inside Fif's Connecticut mansion, where the Gian Franco Morini-directed visuals were shot.

Lea's 'November Skies (11/11/11)' video premieres here on The BoomBox Nov. 7.

Watch Lea's 'November Skies (11/11/11)' Trailer

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