R&B songstress Lea is cementing her position in the music industry with the Gian Franco Morini-directed visuals for 'November Skies (11/11/11),' a ballad she shines on.

"The inspiration is really about love lost, whether it be a break-up or losing someone important to you," Lea tells The BoomBox of the song's premise. "Everyone has been through it in one way or another. It's very relevant to people and life in general."

In the video, the G-Note Records signee is plagued with the news that her husband has been killed. But, of course, there's a twist that isn't revealed until the clip's end. Besides showcasing her stellar vocal abilities, the Queens native also demonstrates some acting skills that she was a bit nervous to take on.

"It's a very emotional song and this was my first video by myself, so I would say the hardest part was conveying emotion to fit the feeling of the song," she admits. "Behind a mic in the studio, it's so different and I'm used to recording but now I had to actually show vulnerability through a camera and that was a little scary at first."

Lea traveled to Connecticut to shoot on location at her boss 50 Cent's mansion. She admittedly remarks that Fif, being both artist and business man, has "been through it all" in the industry, which is why the singer values her role as a signed talent to his roster. During the video shoot, there was one moment in particular -- albeit hilarious -- that almost lead to disappointing her label leader.

Watch Lea's 'November Skies (11/11/11)'

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"One of the funniest moments was during the scene where the actress is knocking on the door," Lea states. "On her first take, she was banging on the door so hard it sounded like she was going to break it down. We all thought we were going to have to explain to 50 how we broke a door in his house! After that first take she took it down a notch and nailed it."

No novice to the music business, the chanteuse first debuted on rapper Lil' Flip's track 'Sunshine,' back in 2004. She's been noticeably absent from radio and video in recent years, but she plans for 'November Skies' to change the misconception she's out of the game. "I've grown a lot since I did 'Sunshine,' seven years ago," she says. "I'm exploring a new part of my voice that I never showcased when it came to my own music and now I have the freedom to."