There's still some conflicting reports over whether or not Lauryn Hill was scheduled to perform at the 2016 Grammy Awards on Monday night (Feb. 15). The rapper’s rep fired back at the Recording Academy after CEO Neil Portnow expressed his disappointment over L-Boogie’s no-show.

On Thursday (Feb. 18), Portnow told Billboard that the singer simply failed to show up at the Grammy Awards despite having to perform at a dress rehearsal hours before.

"Our intention was, and we were ready, right up to the moment of the performance, for her to step up on stage," he said. "She was there for it, completed it and left the building. And then she did not get back in time to make the show. I'm sorry, that's the bottom line. That's the truth. That's unfortunate. I guess those things happen."

Hill's rep blasted the Grammys president in a press release stating:

In regards to the comments this morning from The Grammys, CBS did announce Ms. Hill's performance, there were official Grammy television ads that ran for a couple of days naming Ms. Hill as a performer on the show. Her camp was unhappy about this. They had made it clear from the start that although Ms. Hill was going to attempt to make the show, she could not confirm, as there were too many logistical issues that could potentially prevent the performance from happening.

The performance was also supposed to be a surprise. This was discussed with Grammy organizers, and the TV spots were pulled. As previously mentioned, Ms.Hill attempted a last minute rush to LA, to see if this could happen, but unfortunately timing that day kept it from being a reality. Ms. Hill truly appreciated the invitation, and the efforts made by all parties to try and make the performance happen."

Well, there you have it. At this point, we don't know who to believe. Either way, the Grammy Awards is done and it's time to move on.

It would have been nice to see Ms. Hill perform "In the Night" with The Weeknd. Nevertheless, the Grammy-winning crooner did a fine job with his solo performance.

What do you think of Lauryn Hill not showing up to perform at the 2016 Grammy Awards? Tell us in the comments below.

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