When it comes to Lauryn Hill, you don't know which of her personalities will show up when she performs. Will it be the talented rapper with the warm spirit from the Fugees days or Ms. Hill, the person who's given a string of mediocre performances in recent years?

Luckily for the folks at the Brooklyn Bowl this summer, they had the chance to see the artist we all know and love.

In a clip taken from the two-hour pay-per-view concert special called 'Live From the Brooklyn Bowl,' the 39-year-old rhymer performed the classic hit, 'Ready or Not,' from the Fugees' 1996 multi-platinum album, 'The Score.'

Rocking a white-and-black top and showing a little leg in a black leather mini-skirt, L. Boogie rapped all three verses of the song and spit all of the lyrics perfectly.

However, only the first four bars followed the original tempo of the song while the rest of it was incredibly sped-up. This is how Lauryn has performed the track as of late. But that certainly didn't stop the crowd from being completely immersed in the cut, as everyone jumped, waved their hands and moved along to every kick and snare.

'Live From the Brooklyn Bowl' will air during the month of December. You can also catch it on Video on Demand.

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