Lauryn Hill is in the hot seat again, but this time it has little to do with her vocal work. The 36-year-old New Jersey native reportedly held on to several pricey pieces of clothing and a fashion company is suing her as a result, TMZ reports.

The 'Ex-Factor' songstress was reportedly fitted for clothing courtesy of Via Davia Vintage, a vintage clothing and accessories store, for a European tour in 2007. In a lawsuit filed with L.A. County Superior Court, Hill is named as failing to return more than half of the items she was presented with.

Via Davia Vintage claims the new mother was given "an entire wardrobe of high fashion items" for the tour and agreed to compensate the company with a fixed weekly fee for four weeks.

However, Lauryn Hill apparently kept the clothing for longer than the agreed upon terms -- three months to be exact -- and only paid some of what she owed.

Last month, the former Fugees frontwoman was at the center of another lawsuit filed by her former guitarist, who claimed she owed him $3,600 in back wages and requested another $20,000 in punitive damages.

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