After six long months of gossip, hearsay and scandal, the Los Angeles Police Department have finally completed their investigation into Michael Jackson's sudden death. According to TMZ, the report is scheduled to land in the district attorney's office within a matter of weeks and it seems "all but certain" that Jackson's physician Dr. Conrad Murray will be charged in the case.

Prior to completion of the investigation, the Los Angeles County Coroner's office ruled the case a homicide, citing lethal levels of drug ingestion as the cause of death. The homicide ruling put more pressure on Murray, who came under immediate scrutiny following MJ's June 25, death when officials learned that he had administered the anesthetic propofol and a cocktail of other drugs and tranquilizers to Jackson in the hours leading up to his death. A full investigation was launched on the Las Vegas-based doctor and police officials served warrants to search Murray's offices in Houston and Las Vegas, in addition to his home and storage unit.

Although no charges have been pressed and the LAPD has yet to release an official statement, TMZ claims that Murray is likely to be charged with involuntary manslaughter. According to an unnamed source, the police investigation was "extremely thorough" and has produced enough evidence to proceed with a criminal case against Murray. While the doctor did not commit a crime by administering the drugs to Jackson, a case can be made for gross negligence, citing his failure to monitor Jackson closely during the process. Murray, who has maintained his innocence during the messy process issued a statement in August saying that he has done his best to cooperate with the police and believes that justice will be served. "I told the truth, and I have faith that truth will prevail," he said.