For years, Whole Foods has been raping peoples' wallets and earning itself nicknames like Whole Paycheck and Whole Wallet, thanks to its addictive, overpriced healthy greens and vegan cookies. But, Los Angeles-based composer Dave Wittman has finally turned America's compulsive love-hate relationship with the Austin, Texas-based organic grocery chain into rap with his viral video 'Whole Foods Parking Lot.'

As of June 24, two weeks since it was first uploaded to YouTube, 'Whole Foods Parking Lot' has raked in almost 2 million views. The four-minute video was shot guerilla-style with Wittman's friends -- the crew dubbing themselves Fog and Smog as they hail from both the San Fransisco and L.A. areas -- on a sole Canon 5D at three different west L.A. Whole Foods stores, as the store has a strict camera policy.

Wittman's rap starts off slow over a laid-back techno beat, but it's his all-too-honest observations about the fine cheeses and quinoa on the store's shelves that have made this a viral hit. Case and point: "Some girl in yoga pants is looking at me funny/ I'm just trying to find a decent pinot noir for under 20," Wittman raps. The folks at Whole Foods even got a kick out of it too, telling the Wall Street Journal that "Creativity like this always resonates with our company, and we take it as a big compliment..."

Wittman told the WSJ that he doesn't plan on quitting his day job, and that the video was made for fun. "There's always drama with the parking lot though," he said of what inspired the rap in the first place. "...And I was finding myself always squaring off with some dude for a space and I thought, 'What am I doing here? This is ridiculous that I'm so bent out of shape in this nice comfy little epicenter of Los Angeles.'" In turn, Wittman's successful video will most likely make it harder for him to find that parking spot for his Prius or a spot at the kombucha bar.

Watch Dave Wittman's 'Whole Foods Parking Lot' Rap Video

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