Gnarls Barkley added L.A. to their impressive list of conquests over this past weekend with a pair of sold-out shows at Avalon. When DJ Vice dropped 'Crazy' into his set at the club Element Saturday night, Cee-Lo got up and started performing the official song of summer on his private table before a delighted crowd that included Jamie Foxx, Carmen Electra and David Spade.

Then it was over to Avalon, where, for the second night of the stand, 'Grease' was the word. Yes, in keeping with their tradition of dressing up as movie characters, the entire band donned leather jackets, jeans and white T-shirts. Coming out on stage to the strains of the theme song from the '70s classic, Cee-Lo introduced himself as 'Fon Travolta.' He then asked, "Any Gnarls Barkley fans here tonight?" When the crowd shouted in response, he replied, "They couldn't make it tonight. This is the G-Birds" -- a play on the T-Birds, for those unfamiliar with the movie.

But it was all Gnarls rocking the place through an hour-long set that included a Doors cover ("We're big Doors fans," Cee-Lo said before the song) and every track off their 'St. Elsewhere' album, including an out-of-the-seats version of 'Smiley Faces' and superb renditions of 'Necromancer' and 'The Boogie Monster.'