Snoop Dogg has found himself in the middle of yet another controversy -- even though he had nothing to do with it. A Cuhady, Calif. nightclub is suing a company named One Blood/Red Eye Entertainment for $100,000 after booking a false concert at the El Potrero Night Club, where Snoop Dogg was billed to perform though he had never signed on for the gig.

One Blood initially promised that the Cali rapper would perform for $40,000 at the club. Shortly after, the establishment inked the contract and wired half the payment to One Blood in August, attempting to promote the show on Power 106 who claimed that the contracts were fake and the concert seemed sketchy.

Despite questioning One Blood, El Potrero wired the remaining $20K to the company in September, realizing that they had been scammed after Snoop never showed up for the show. Potrero is attempting to recover the money paid to One Blood as well as an additional $60,000 for breach of contract, lost profits, empty fees and expenses.

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