It looks like Kyle Norman and girlfriend, Tabitha Dumas, still have some unresolved issues in their relationship. After suing Norman for increase monthly child support earlier this year, Dumas is now demanding a judge to throw the Jagged Edge singer in jail until he pays up.

According to Bossip, Norman owes $55,000 in back child support for their son, Kye. In 2008, a judge awarded Dumas a default judgement of $575 a month in support. Since then, Dumas believes that Norman’s salary has increased and therefore demanded that the payments be increased. She feels that Norman owes her $50,750 in back support from 2008 to the present time.

Unfortunately, Norman has been a no-show for a hearing related to owing back child support to Dumas. Subsequently, a judge has ordered that Norman’s support be raised from $575 a month to $897 a month, based on his income of over $6,000 a month.

Overall, the J.E. singer owes $53,910 in child support and he must pay an additional $103 a month in order to pay back the support debt.

Earlier this week, Dumas filed a motion to have a judge force Norman to pay $55,397 in back child support or throw him in jail. She also wants him to pay her attorney fees and other court expenses.

Attorneys for Kyle Norman had no comment on the matter.

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