The sixth annual "Red Bull BC One" international B-Boy championship will make its' U.S. debut on Nov. 18 at New York City's Hammerstein Ballroom, with hip-hop's resident Teacha, KRS-One set to host the world-renowned event. The competition will feature 16 talented hip-hop dancers from around the world who have been selected to represent their respective countries in the dance-off.

This year's panel of judges will include the U.S.'s 2007 BC One champion Ronnie of Sup3r Crew, as well as b-boy Float from the States and two additional dancers from France and Italy. The competition has previously been held in South Africa, Paris, Switzerland, Berlin and Sao Paulo in front of crowds of thousands, but will finally make it's way to the birthplace of hip-hop for its sixth showcase.

KRS-One, who has consistently been an outspoken advocate of peace in the hip-hop community will emcee and guide onlookers through the performances. Tickets are $15 each and will be available for purchase on Oct. 9 through Ticketmaster. KRS-One and Buckshot released their new collaborative album 'Survival Skills' on Sept. 15.