Like many hip-hop artists, KRS-One has never shied away from sharing his devout beliefs with fans. He's spoken on behalf of hip-hop's preservation and shaken the validity of old truths. The Brooklyn MC will drop his philosophies for critics to scrutinize and supporters to ponder in the new book, 'The Gospel of Hip Hop: The First Instrument.'

Set to be published in November, the book will be the first title from KRS-One's I Am Hip Hop imprint, through powerHouse Books. The imprint "shall serve as a home for cutting-edge, positive material related to the true culture and philosophies of Hip Hop," according to a June 2008 statement from powerHouse announcing the deal.

The 800-plus page read is organized in the format of the Christian Bible. "Hiphoppas," a term KRS coined to describe followers of the genre, will find 'The Gospel of Hip Hop' details the development of hip-hop culture and combines its classic philosophies with faith and practical knowledge.

KRS, whose real name is Kris Parker, opens up about his discussions in 'The Gospel' in a video on the powerHouse Books' website."Here's why it's important for you to know hip-hop, whether you're a graffiti writer, beatboxer, DJ, whatever," he says. "Hip-hop reconnects us to our humanity. The question is: What can you do without technological assistance? What can your body, your mind, your hands, your feet, your mouth, your eyes and ears do without the use of technology? This is what's important about hip-hop and understanding. It brings us back to those common things like rap [and] dance."

The emcee and activist, known for founding the Temple of Hip Hop and Stop the Violence Movement, has authored two other books: 'The Science of Rap,' published in 1995, and 'Ruminations,' issued in 2003.