Rapper Kirko Bangz hails from the same area that birthed the sounds of southern MCs like Paul Wall and Slim Thug. Earlier this year, his song, 'What Yo Name Iz,' was arguably the most unprecedented banger that popped up in the summer months. The single earned the 22-year-old Houston native a moment to shine on a national platform.

While his newest track, 'Drank in My Cup,' is just another that has him categorized and boxed in with the other fresh-faced rhymers coming out of his hometown, the "new Houston" label is one that the Warner Brothers signee would much rather do without.

"Killa [Kyleon], Slim [Thug] and Paul [Wall], they've been out there grinding, on their thing, you know what I'm saying? Everybody hustling doing their own thing man, don't nobody wanna be put in no group. Like, we ain't no little boy band, you know what I'm saying?" he tells The BoomBox.

The tattooed entertainer experienced much success this year with his independent label, Lonestar Music Group, and his DJ Drama-hosted mixtape, 'Procrastination Kills 3.' The effort showcased Bangz' ability to swap simple lyrics for sophisticated wordplay on songs like 'Doing Fine' and 'Sooner or Later.'

Like those that came before him, Bangz prefers to be recognized for his distinctive style and solo contributions to the South's newest wave of young artists. "Everybody [in Houston] has their own grind and own lane, and I'm not swaying away from it, but I'm doing what I'm doing and my homies are doing what they're doing," he states.

"You don't want to be billed as no group, 'cause that ain't how it is," Kirko continues, "It is a movement, getting back on that scene, everybody's contributing to that movement. We all proud about that but nobody wanna be stuck in a little group or a box like that's all we are."

Kirko Bangz is currently prepping his Warner Brothers debut. His next mixtape, 'Progression 2,' is scheduled for release later this month.

Watch Kirko Bangz' 'Drank in My Cup'

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