It's no secret that Kanye West has upgraded Kim Kardashian's cred in the music, art and fashion game. The hip-hop superstar has moved the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star from reality television fame and ushered her into his world. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, which features her on the cover, Kim opens up about her man's impact on her career.

"There is no one more creative," she says of 'Ye. "He's been really helpful and beneficial for my career."

In the story -- out July 3 -- Kim talks about how she and her boo are "definitely opposites." North West's mom also respects his decision not to appear on her reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. "You can't expect me to jump up onstage and start singing -- it's not what I do," she states, addressing their different lifestyles.

She also details dating Michael Jackson's nephew TJ -- her first interracial relationship -- and how she still makes mix CDs. "As kids, we were at concerts like Michael Jackson every weekend. My first concert was Earth, Wind and Fire," she explains.

Kanye West's own concert last week made headlines when a man crashed his set. The rapper was performing "Black Skinhead" at the 2015 Glastonbury Festival in England when comedian Simon Brodkin bumrushed the stage. He was able to bounce around during Yeezy's set for a few seconds before a security guard ran over to escort him from the area.

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