Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has announced that she will release her own perfume through rapper 50 Cent's new fragrance company, Lighthouse Beauty. The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star's perfume will compete with the likes of Britney Spears and Pamela Anderson, who plan to release their own signature scents this spring.

Kardashian, however, plans to be completely involved in the process, from the actual blend of the fragrance to the promotion of the product. "What's so different about their approach is that they have worked closely with me on all aspects of my fragrance, the bottle, the juice, and even our distribution strategy," she said in a recent interview.

50's company, Lighthouse Beauty has "a unique perspective on capturing the essence of a celebrity in a product," according to spokesman and Violator CEO Chris Lighty. "We worked closely with top perfumers to infuse Kim's larger-than-life personality into a fragrance that will really speak to her fans," Lighty continued.
Kardashian calls her partnership with the company, who will also be releasing a line of 50 Cent colognes, a "perfect" fit. "I can develop a product that truly represents me and speaks to my fans. Because of their commitment to including me in the process, the fragrance really captures who I am," Kardashian explained, enthusiastic about releasing her first line.

While her perfume has no launch date as yet, it is said to be releasing this coming spring.