So it's actually not Paris, it's Italy.

That's what a lot of people are finding out this morning about Kanye West's and Kim Kardashian's upcoming wedding, as ET News revealed the couple will exchange vows in the city of Florence on May 24, instead of Paris as many people first believed.

But that doesn't mean the French city is totally out of the picture, because guests will arrive there first for a pre-wedding dinner, and then be flown to the country also known as "The Boot" for the actual ceremony.

However, that may all be a ploy just to surprise the wedding guests, says an inside source for Us Weekly, and Kim and Kayne are hiding the true details until the weekend of May 24.

"Kim and Kanye have told all guests different info," says the source. "No one knows all of the details."

Since the two announced their engagement back in 2013, there has been all types of speculation about where and when the wedding will take place, and for two people who don't seem to mind revealing certain details about their personal life to the public, they've done a good job of keeping info about their nuptials a secret.

Whether the famed pair really do get married in Florence, Italy remains to be seen, but so far they have a lot of people in the media guessing, which is a smart move on their part, considering their wedding will be one of the most talked about events of the year.