The Internet didn't actually break once Kim Kardashian revealed her not-so-small backside and breasts on the cover of Paper Magazine this week, but the world definitely took notice considering #BreakTheInternet is still a Trending Topic on Twitter.

Lou Lou P's Delights decided to highlight the bootylicious cover with a cake pop made in Kardashian's image. The England-based bakery couldn't have been more spot-on in the making of the cake, as it's an exact repilica of the now famous photo. The hairdo, the layers of pearls, the black gloves, it's all there. In fact, the only thing that's missing is the black dress slumped to the floor and the champagne.

"I'm really very, very sorry but it had to be done...didn't it? #breaktheinternet Marzipan Kim Bum Pop," the caption reads along with the photo of the confection.

Looking at this hilarious creation of Kanye West's wife is one thing, but placing it into your mouth is another -- or not, depending what you're into.

There's no word on whether Lou Lou will make these available for sale, or if it's just something to see, chuckle at and move on from. Either way, the bakery just wrote another chapter in the Kim Kardashian-being-naked story, and who knows where it'll go from here.

The question we want answered: how many Kim Kardashian butt cake pops will Kanye buy?

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