With all of the buzz surrounding Rachel Dolezal, her "black" identity and her decision to step down from her role as NAACP president for the chapter in Spokane, Wash., it's not surprising she's a hot topic of conversation amongst the late night talk shows. And on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, Killer Mike joined in on the discussion.

Mike isn't mad at Dolezal for helping the African-American community, but he was upset once he found out where she was from. "Nothing's happening in Spokane," he said laughing. "They gotta import the black people for NAACP there."

Recounting the time he was on tour in Germany, he spoke about how he and his wife talked to a bus driver who was half German and half African. When his wife asked the driver about being black, he was surprised by the question. "I would say in other places it would be easier because they don't focus on that like we do in this country," he said pointing out that it doesn't seem to be as much of an issue in other countries.

But back to the race conversation in the U.S., Mike joked about how black people have been letting particular white people slide when it comes to "showing their blackness off." "Black people have clearly given white people a lot of passes. We gave Bill Clinton a pass. We gave Col. Sanders a pass. We gave Tiger Woods a super pass," he said.

And when Larry Willmore asked Mike if he wanted to be white during the segment, Keep it 100, the rapper said yes: "But only for two days a month -- whenever they're doing alcohol stops and drug testing."

"I think all whites want to be black," he added, bringing a photo to prove it. "That is a certified Ku Klux Klan member wearing wolf gray Michael Jordans. That is what that is, sir."

As an activist, Mike is no stranger to these political TV shows and appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher just last month.

See the humorous clip of Killer Mike's appearance on the Comedy Central show below.

Watch Killer Mike "Keep It 100" on The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore

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