We all know that Killer Mike is not a fan of Hillary Clinton, but he made it quite clear that he’s not supporting the Democratic presidential candidate in a recent interview.

On Thursday (Aug. 11), TMZ caught up with the Atlanta rhymer at LAX and asked him about Donald Trump’s insane remarks about President Obama being the “founder” of ISIS. As if.

Killer Mike said he wasn’t surprised by Trump's comments since Fox News commentators have said some of the most absurd things about President Obama during his presidency.

However, the Run the Jewels member said that our U.S. government is responsible for destabilizing other countries, which created foreign enemies like ISIS.

"We had one candidate this year who was anti-growing war and that was [Bernie] Sanders but we didn't vote him in," he said.

Mike urged citizens to get over their classism and vote for the right candidate for the betterment of mankind. Other than that, the rapper believes if folks vote for Hillary or Trump, they are essentially voting for the same person, and ushering in more wars and chaos.

When asked if he's made a decision on who he's voting for in the November election, he said that he hasn't made a choice yet.

"I have not decided yet. "But definitely not for [Hillary] or [Trump]," he said.

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