Killer Mike, an Atlanta rapper who is no stranger to espousing some strong political views, took out his red pen and played teacher to Barack Obama in an exclusive interview with Unfortunately for our President, Mike is quite the tough grader.

"I'd give him a "C" so far," says the rapper. "I mean, it's a few things that haven't happened that we were promised was gonna happen. I think the decriminalization and taxation of marijuana would be a big step to helping the country with our tax woes. I would like to see something that's less like the income tax and more like the flat tax. Income tax takes up a lot of money now and it's really a burden on the poor and the working."

He continues on, explaining different taxation theories and their effect on capitalist systems (wonkiest rapper ever?) before returning to Obama with an even bolder attack.

"I think if he don't get with the black agenda, we don't vote for him the next time. It's easy. It aint hard. I don't care what color you are. If you're not servicing the needs of my people, you don't deserve my vote."

In non-political yet relevant news, today also marks the release of Killer Mike's new two-disc LP entitled 'Underground Atlanta.' The compilation mixtape features titans such as T.I. and Bun B, as well as, well, non-titans like OJ Da Juiceman, Gucci Mane, and Soulja Boy.