Killer Mike aka Mike Bigga can now safely add auteur to his resume. Overnight, the ATL rapper sent out a link to a new "mini-movie" entitled 'Ghetto Extraordinary' -- a 12-minute mixture of music and narrative where Mike plays a slighted drug dealer that's out for revenge and ends up doing some mighty tough things with a chain and a tree. The title comes from the rapper's 2008 freebie album that was long-delayed because of a major label dispute between his frequent collaborator Big Boi and Sony Records.

Using a tried-and-true routine where Northern drug dealers go down to Atlanta to hustle and run into trouble with the locals, 'Ghetto Extraordinary' hits everywhere from dingy blocks and countryside drug setups to inner city barbershops and recording studios. For a low budget viral video, it's notably well done and shows that Mike has some clear talents in the acting department in addition to his ferocious skills with a microphone.

The film, which was created by Breilhaus Entertainment and Jokes Films, certainly stands alone, but it also plugs Mike's upcoming installment in the ongoing 'Pledge' series. 'PL3DGE,' the next record in line, should hit stores in early 2011 via Grind Time and T.I.'s Grand Hustle label.

Get some popcorn ready and check out 'Ghetto Extraordinary' here: