Outkast's long-awaited film Idlewild opens Aug. 26, but people have questioned their musical solidarity ever since Dre traded in his jersey for a turban. Dungeon Family member Killer Mike, however, remains unfazed.

"I don't care," the rapper told AOL Music at the 1st Annual Ozone Awards. "If they broke up, I could ride ten more years listening to those four or five great albums they've already made."

Now signed to Big Boi's Purple Ribbon label and in the midst of launching his own It's Grind Time imprint, Mike admits that his association with hip-hop's most eclectic duo has been challenging at times.

"You're in the biggest parties, and you get Grammys before your record even comes out. But people assume you're already OK, so you have to go extra harder to build quality relationships," he explained. "I shook hands and made people discover me. Outkast furnished me with a record deal -- I'm gonna furnish my future."