Rappers Killer Mike, Big Boi and T.I., are just some of the big names who are backing an up-and-coming rhymer, Taylor Bell, who was suspended from school after posting a rap song to his Facebook and YouTube page.

After hearing several complaints about sexual harassment committed by male coaches to his girl classmates at Itawamba Agricultural High School, Bell, whose rap name is T-Bizzle, decided to make a song to advocate against it -- with a few vulgar lyrics aimed towards the alleged sexual harassers.

“Looking down girls’ shirts, drool running down your mouth,” Bell raps in the song. “Going to get a pistol down your mouth.”

When the school caught wind of it, they suspended the high school senior for "threatening two named educators with gun-related violence" and he was forced to go to a different school. The appalling case got the attention of the aforementioned rhymers who submitted a brief.

“The government punished a young man for his art — and, more disturbing, for the musical genre by which he chose to express himself,” reads the rappers' brief obtained by The New York Times. “Following a long line of rappers before him,” it continues. “Bell saw an opportunity to confront injustice.”

Pharoahe Monch, Boots Riley, Toni Blackman, Jasiri X and Favianna Rodriguez also joined the brief in support of Bell as well as Erik Nielson, a professor who studies rap.

“I see a kid who saw wrong happening and was outraged about it,” said Killer Mike. “He wrote a poem about it over a beat.”

We hear that.

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