Killer Mike sat down for a roundtable, off-the-cuff discussion in his barbershop with CNN's Brook Baldwin, and the conversation, was of course, lively.

Baldwin, who has known Killer Mike for quite a while, and conducted one of his most passionate interviews immediately following the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, says she wanted to put together a conversation with "real Americans" because she's "sick of pundits."

The group pulled together for the discussion at Mike's Swag Shop featured Taj Anwar Baoll, a firefighter and urban farmer; Shelly Winters, a Harlem native who is supporting Donald Trump; Jamida Orange, whose father marched with Dr. Martin Luther King; Kalonji Changa, a grassroots activist and local leader who isn't voting on the national level this year; and Christine White, an attorney who is voting for Hillary Clinton.

"What is best for black people and what made you pick Donald Trump?" Killer Mike asked his friend, Shelly Winters.

The conversation quickly turned to Hillary Clinton and her health, with Orange arguing that women go to work sick all of the time, while Winters argued that Clinton lied and was therefore untrustworthy.

Mike has of course, been incredibly vocal about socio-political issues, as well as this year's election, with his support of Bernie Sanders. Baldwin says he even cried when Sanders withdrew from the race and endorsed Clinton as the democratic nominee. Mike has since said that he's not voting for Trump or Clinton.

The discussion seems to have been just getting started, and from the looks of it, the conversation will continue to be lively. Watch part one of the discussion above.