Killer Mike and Action Bronson's rhyming skills are put to the test when they take a rap battle to the treadmill. Yes, a treadmill.

On 'The Eric Andre Show,' the two rappers compete to see which one has the lyrical upper hand and physical endurance. While we were hoping to get some of the most memorable punch lines out of this moment, it was pretty uneventful.

In the short clip, both try to get in a lyrical jab or two, but can't since they're winded, as Andre and comedian Hannibal Buress wait patiently for something -- anything -- to come out of their mouths. However, Mike and Bronson do manage to get out a few "Yo, yo's" before trying to rhyme, but that's all they're able to muster.

From there, a guy with a plate of what appears to be donuts stands in front of them, in hopes to get them to run faster. "What the f--- are you doing," the Run the Jewels member asks as Bronson hits the plate and it goes flying across the room.

It's obvious the whole thing was a gag because when it comes to a rap battle, we know neither one would let food or a treadmill get in the way.

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