He's more than a rapper -- he's superhuman. Kid Ink boasts of his larger-than-life persona in his new video for 'More Than A King (MTAK).'

The dark visual finds the heavily-inked L.A.-based rapper flexing about his prowess while in an abandoned warehouse.

"I feel like, like more than a man, more than a king, more like God," the 28-year-old rhymes at the song's start.

He raps in the shadows, detailing his life on top. "Racks in, racks out, girl keep flashin' / Fact is, live the life that you n----s fathom / Work hard to ball when ain't one to pass it / In the past but I was way too passionate."

'More Than A King' is from Kid Ink's studio album, 'My Own Lane,' and a contrast to his current, upbeat hit 'Show Me' with Chris Brown.