According to Kid Cudi, his new album is beautiful, emotional, and very deep. "I want my s--t to be like you're reading a novel, not a Dr. Seuss book," Cudi explained. "I felt like the last album was too short. This one is a little bit longer, it's 18 tracks and counting. It's just ten times better on all levels. The story's deeper, darker, with no holding back. It's beautiful, man. It's an emotional album." Yeah, Cudi's cool, but Dr, Seuss is the best. [Complex]

Frontwoman Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine loves Eminem. "The first single I ever bought was 'The Real Slim Shady,'" the singer said. "And my sister said that I should bring it to the VMAs and get him to sign it. That'd be so funny. I'd be like, 'Hi, I bought this from Woolworth's when I was 11, can you sign it for me?' He'd be like, 'What's Woolworth's?'" Yeah, we don't know either, but we're guessing we can figure it out. [MTV]