Kid Cudi really has been getting some love from his fans after winning last week's The Boombox Battle. The rapper earned over 67 percent of the fan vote, beating T-Pain's "Let Your Hair Down" featuring The-Dream and Vantrease.

Spending more time on movie sets than in studio booths these days, the Cleveland native returns to the mic with his latest single “Love.” Sampling Ratatat’s “Sunblocks,” he laments about loneliness but sounds triumphant by the time he reaches the hook.

“Don’t be so down, come on young homie / You’ll be okay, you’ll find real love / All of the stories the hero gets lonely, now is the time to show all you’re made of,” he delivers in his melodic, rapping tone.

This week, Wale is going to attempt to knock Cudi from the top spot with his new track "The White Shoes," off his new album, The Album About Nothing, which released today (March 31). While the song centers on his love of sneakers, Wale doesn't hold back in calling out the sneakerheads for their obsession with trainers. He also addresses the judgment people face for their material possessions. "No matter how good or lavish us n----s got it / We just a bunch of ravenous addicts living for fancy haberdashery," he delivers on the outro.

The song also shows off Wale's singing abilities as he croons on the hook. "Take this good advice / If they're gonna judge you for life / Say we can't always be fly / We gon' be good long as them sneakers white / You'll be alright / Said you'll be alright," he sings.

Who will win this week? Will it be Kid Cudi’s thoughtful tune about wanting some love or will Wale's critique on consumer culture take the crown? Only you can decide. Go vote for your favorite song in the poll below. Remember, you can vote once per hour until the poll closes on Tues., April 7, at 10AM ET

Listen to Kid Cudi's "Love"

Watch Wale's "The White Shoes" Video

Rules of The Boombox Battle
Two artists and their respective songs compete against each other each week. The triumphant artist goes on to compete in the next The Boombox Battle. If an artist wins The Boombox Battle four times consecutively, their song will be honored in The Boombox Battle Hall of Fame.