Kid Cudi has come a long way and finally, on Tuesday (Sept. 15), his album drops. 'Man On The Moon: The End Of Day' is a wild journey with unique production from Kanye West, Emile, Plain Pat and Free School. Even Common gets in on the action as a narrator. The record should be an epic coming out party on its own, but with many in the music world watching, an important question must be answered: What are his plans on the big day?

"I can say for sure that the day the album is released I will be drinking all day," says Kid Cudi in an interview with The BoomBox. "I'm consuming alcohol all day. I'm gonna be wrecked all day. I'm waking up at 10am, and I'm gonna have a six-pack on deck and some blunts. I have all this press to do. I got '106 & Park' that day, man... I'm gonna just roll out the day f---ing wasted. This only happens once. It's my first album. I'm celebrating."

That's pretty understandable, right? Coming on the heels of a marquee appearance on Jay-Z's 'Blueprint 3' and carrying some major hype from the success of 'Day n Night' and 'Make Her Say,' Kid Cudi has the right to take stock and let loose for a day.

"It's something that millions of kids dream of and I'm living it," he reflects. "It's bugged out. I'm from Cleveland, Ohio - a place where nothing really happens. There aren't many success stories. I'm not from Los Angeles or New York City. I'm from Cleveland F---ing Ohio, man. Be on the lookout! Watch me all day... I'm going to be drinking all day. Be ready."

We will Kid Cudi, we will.