Kid Cudi, the Cleveland rapper who helped Kanye West pen several songs on '808's and Heartbreak,' was involved in an altercation at an NBA All-Star Weekend party in Phoenix this past week.

According to reports, the kid named Cudi got into an argument with Reebok employees at their party, because he didn't want to wear their shows onstage, opting to rock Jordan's instead. Things got physical between Cudi and the Reebok camp, and when the police couldn't control him, they tasered the young rapper.

Cudi responded to the incident via his blog, saying: "i didnt put my hands on anyone; the muthaf---- i was tryna touch, i couldnt reach his f----- coller to grab him...i dont even like violence and id like to talk suttin out before it gets physical. with that bein said, u kno it had to be suttin really REALLY f----- up for me to want to physically attack anyone."

He also set the record straight regarding the Reebok versus Jordan footwear situation (as if there's any comparison between the brands), saying, "it wasn't over me wearin' Jordans; i arrived at the event in the most fugliest reeboks ever, forcefully, the pair i chose to humiliate myself in :(...i call them the soul daggers, cuz it would break my moms heart if she saw me in these."

While Cudi declined to comment on the real reason for the scrap, we're siding with Cudi on this one. Just cause.