You've got to love Kid Cudi. It's so easy to commend him for being such a multifaceted performer and forward-thinking artist because of his ability to think outside of the box. Now, Cudi is looking sharpen his proverbial blade of creativity by enlisting several artists to forge a supergroup to "save the world."

"I had the vision the other day of forming a super group w other like minded forward thinking artists I respect and admire. Make an album/tour," he tweeted Friday (July 17).

After that, Cudi went on the record to call his potential team "the gnarliest group of musical anarchist in the history of music." Talk about being bold.

"We will be the gnarliest group of musical anarchist in the history of music. Saving the world from the weak s---. As a team," Cudi wrote.

Even though the rapper claims to just be "thinking out loud," you have to wonder who he would recruit in order to turn this into reality. There's a slew of artists who would create magic with Cudi. OG Maco reached out to the Indicud creator recently in hopes of collaborating with him in the studio. Could he possibly be on Cudi's radar? Or would Cudi call on his former mentor, Kanye West? We'll see what the "Day 'n' Nite" rhymer has up his sleeve or if he was indeed just thinking out loud.

In the meantime, at least we have Cudi's new album, Speedin' Bullet to Heaven, dropping soon, which is led by his first single, "Love." Check out his tweets below.

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