In the midst of his growing pains and apparent difficulty becoming acclimated in the music industry, Cleveland rapper Kid Cudi announced two weeks ago via his blog ( that he would retire after the release of his debut album. But it looks like he had a change of heart and referred to the whole notion as a Spiderman moment during his performance at SXSW.

"You remember when Spiderman didn't want to be Spiderman no more? 'Cause his personal life was so f---ed up but he was just, like, killing s--- as Spiderman? That's how I felt. I was killing s--- as Kid Cudi, but my personal life was still so f---ed up," the rapper told a crowd of fans at SXSW.

Although Cudi had his doubts about his place in the industry he has stated that he has no intentions of retiring and plans to live out his career. "I understand that I need y'all and y'all need me, so I can't stop. No more retirement, I'm hear to stay now. F--- all that extra s---, I don't know what I was on." What a relief!