Kid CudiBefore Kid Cudi's 'Man on the Moon: The End of Day' dropped earlier this year, he was all about connecting to fans through social media platforms. The artist held down a personal blog and was constantly updating his popular Twitter account. When the album finally dropped, Cudi felt a little overexposed and ditched the online persona all together. Now, people are creating fake Twitter accounts in his name and he's none too happy about the development. Here's his statement on the matter:

"I've been hearing there's a lot of fake Kid Cudi accounts on Twitter and Facebook and I want to reassure everyone that none of these r me. I will never get back on Twitter or Facebook. I'm getting my blog back together and that will be the only way to stay connected with me. I think it's sad as a motherf---er people do this but, oh well, its inevitable. Don't fall for it. If or doesn't make an announcement (and I assure you they won't) then it's some creeper lookin for attention. Catch me on tour baybayyyy. Peace n love."

It's an understandable flip for Cudi. When leading up to his debut, he wanted to personally connect with fans and show them his unique personality through whatever mediums they were using. As he gained popularity, technological inundation detracted from his time and freedom to make music. After the record dropped, his music could speak for itself for once.

"I have an iPhone and I don't even utilize all of the applications on it," Cudi said in an interview explaining why he initially quit Twitter. "Just alone on an iPhone, you can have multiple emails -- I have two emails, text messaging -- some people have AIM on there, MySpace, Facebook -- and I don't even have those things ... With Twitter and my two emails, text messaging and my phone ringing, that's just overwhelming. And you gotta think of it like this, what did they do before there were cell phones?"