Musician and actor Kid Cudi will be featured in Converse's new ad campaign entitled 'You're It.' For the concept Converse has selected 23 unique artists from around the world to appear in a series of biographical Web shorts that shows them working, living and subtly showing off some pretty cool sneakers.

The Cudi spot finds Mr. Solo Dolo and Converse exploring his native Cleveland, Ohio and humble beginnings as a rapper. Cudi discusses how he started writing verses and how his friend encouraged him to finally put something on tape.

"It's a summer night, just chillin' and I came out with my notepad," he says. "My boy Fred, he made beats, so I remember the first question was like, 'What should I rap about?' He was like, 'Man, rap about what you do. Like, you go to school, rap about that ... ' He had a little tape deck recorder and I rapped on it. First time hearing my voice, I remember being like 'That's dope as hell. That's my voice!'"

After Cudi gives a daytime mini-tour around Cleveland, he hits the studio for some behind-the-scenes footage. Check the video out below.