Kid Cudi previewed his sophomore album, 'Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager,' in New York City last night, but the Cleveland emcee may soon put the brakes on his rap career, in favor of focusing on his new rock band, Wizards.

In an interview with MTV, Cudder revealed that he has slowly lost interest in rapping, despite the abundance of opportunities presented to him, thanks to his affiliation with Kanye West. "I don't get any fulfillment out of it anymore. I don't get fulfillment out of writing a 16. That's why you don't ever hear me on Kanye joints like that," he said. "I'm more passionate when he's like, 'yo Cudi, come up with a hook.' Cause he asks me to put verses down but I'll try to procrastinate or disappear or something."

Cudi explained that he's more inclined to focus on the kind of singing fans can hear on his guitar-heavy single 'Erase Me,' where he impersonates legendary rocker Jimi Hendrix in the video. "I just really get more fulfillment out of singing now," he continued. "I'm teaching myself the guitar, that's my new found love. I never thought that I could play an instrument. Picked it up, surprised myself. It's been two and a half months, I'm already starting my next project. It's a rock album, I'm doing a band with [producer] Dot [da Genius] called Wizard."

No word yet on when we can expect to hear new music from Wizards, but 'MOTM II' is scheduled to drop on November 9.

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