Kid Cudi has never been afraid to bare his thoughts and feelings, especially when it comes to depression. The rapper continues his transparency on "Confused," the first single released from his forthcoming album, Speedin' Bullet to Heaven.

Cudi tweeted the song for fans to hear on Saturday (Aug. 1) and played it live at Lollapalooza later that day.

"Spread this beauty around and watch hearts glow bright!!," he tweeted along with many heart emojis.

The Man on the Moon creator sings over guitar riffs and heavy bass notes, going for a more grunge rock sound rather than familiar hip-hop.

"I might go losing it and drive off of a cliff, fall in the void / And if I blow my brains out all over the scene / That's madness curing sadness," he sings. "These walls ain't talking back might as well finally paint them black / I'm out of ideas / The ceiling is all I have downward from here, I'm ripping apart."

The song caught Kanye West's attention, who supported Cudi by tweeting a link to hear the track.

Cudi's fans are also feeling the track. "I feel like confused is like some newer wave hip hop nirvana. Translation: dope," tweeted one fan. "I'm loving @KidCudi 's new single "Confused" I thought Man on the Moon was one of the best albums Ive heard, and confused brings it all back," wrote another.

This is the second release from Cudi this year. "Love," a triumphant sounding track created to motivate, arrived in March.

While Cudder fans wait for more music, they can catch him co-hosting on IFC's "Comedy Bang! Bang!"

Listen to Kid Cudi's "Confused"

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