Kid Cudi has a message for the critics: get off his cloud. The rapper is firing back at critics for their hypercritical opinions of his newly released tunes, “Judgemental C---” and “Wedding Tux.”

The songs, which find Cudder delivering lyrics over rock instrumentals and an acoustic guitar, are a departure from the sound typically found on his previous albums. Fans took notice of it with some on Twitter stating, "No more rock" and while others say, "Sonically this new s--- is distracting. MOTM complimented moments. To the point where mfs can be taken back by hearing those songs." Many were questioning why he wasn't making music like he did on 2009's Man on the Moon: The End of Day album.

In a heated Twitter rant, Cudi sounded off against the hate -- get off his train and never buy his music ever again. "If you dont like what Im doin now, please abort the train. Do not buy my music from here on out. Its not for you. No hard feelings,” he wrote.

"I'm just tired of the bitchin and people tellin me what to do. We all have choices. Just don't listen or buy the music and you'll be fine," he added.

Finally, Cudi offered one last point for those wishing for another Man on the Moon album.

"My first 2 albums were meant to be untapped. I didn't even think Id live to make another record after mom 2," he tweeted. "News Flash: motm3 doesn't exist. Its just a title. It will be nothing like any of my previous work just like all my releases."

"I say this because it seems like some people still don't get that no matter what Ill always be moving forward as a creative," he finished.

Kid Cudi plans to release his next project, Speedin’ Bullet to Heaven, which will be a double-CD, in the coming months.

Read his tweets and listen to "Judgemental Cunt" and "Wedding Tux" below.

Listen to Kid Cudi's "Judgemental C---"

Listen to Kid Cudi's "Wedding Tux"

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