A nasty -- and false -- rumor has taken hold of rapper Khia.  

After news broke that the 'My Neck, My Back' lyricist would be featured on the song 'So Excited' from Janet Jackson's upcoming album, a tall tale emerged claiming that the emcee's verse was removed and that Khia herself was calling for an all-out boycott in retaliation. 

"Some blog or sissy who sits at the computer all day made that up, and radio personalities just ran with it," Khia tells AOL Music. "My publicist and Janet's publicist confirmed that my vocals are on the album. We never had any problems. I love Janet and Jermaine." 

That's Jermaine Dupri, of course, the super-producer and Jackson beau also responsible for Lil Jon and Mariah Carey's anticipated collaboration.


"He did a remix on my last album and thought I would be perfect for her single," Khia says. "Janet was a fan, so we got in the studio together and the song turned out great."

While Khia preps her own sophomore release, she's taking the gossip hounds in stride. "It's just a bunch of bull. They had me dead a couple years ago, said I was shot up and stabbed too. I'm here now, you know, but controversy sells. That's hip-hop."