Whenever an artist gets in some sort of trouble, they usually do one of two things: remain quiet and let their lawyer do the talking or address the situation through social media.

Keyshia Cole did the latter (somewhat) on Instagram, just three days after she was arrested for assaulting Sabrina Mercadel, a Cash Money Records employee, inside Birdman's condo. The Cash Money CEO is rumored to be Cole's boyfriend. The singer apparently thought Mercadel was romantically involved with him, which lead to the attack.

In two separate posts, one of which has been deleted, the Oakland, Calif., native alluded to the fact that Birdman did her wrong in some way.

"And finally you realize... you can't force 'it' to be something. You can't force consistency, loyalty, or even honesty... You can't force them to keep their word, or to communicate, or to realize something special is in front of them," reads the deleted photo.

"Man, love is a m----f----," she wrote on another.

The 'Point of No Return' creator didn't mention any names but after assaulting a woman she thought to be sleeping with Birdman, it doesn't take a genius to figure out who those words are aimed at.

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