Provocative singer Keri Hilson is foregoing her typical leopard print spandex and opting to bare it all in Allure magazine's annual Naked Truth pictorial spread.

The 28-year-old 'Pretty Girl Rock' singer, who made headlines recently for her racy behavior -- she refused to apologize for her extremely NSFW video for 'The Way You Love Me' and received an onstage lapdance from Chris Brown in December -- appears completely nude in the spread, which was shot by famed fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier.

Showing off her goods in the magazine's annual Body Issue, Hilson told Allure that her transition from songwriter to artist was hard for her, being that she struggled with criticism about her appearance.

"The transition to being in front of the camera was very, very difficult," Hilson revealed. "Everyone has their idea of what you should look like. 'You need to get into the gym.' 'You need to wear less clothes.' 'Wear dresses and skirts.' 'Put a weave in.' 'Cut your hair.' 'Color your hair.' There are so many ways that others tug at you."

The blond bombshell went on to say that her participation in the spread, which she shares with actresses Bridget Moynahan, Ashley Tisdale and 'The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco, was an effort to absolve herself of her quest for validation, literally stripping herself naked. "We do a lot of things to seek validation: I have to get more expensive handbags or fake lashes or fake boobs," she explained. "This shoot was about dropping all that."

Hilson is currently on tour with Ciara, Snoop Dogg, Game and Busta Rhymes as part of Australia's Supafest, making its next stop in Brisbane on April 16.

Watch Keri Hilson's NSFW 'The Way You Love Me'
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