Ciara and Keri Hilson have finally called a truce to their alleged on-going beef. The Atlanta songbirds -- rumored to be add odds with one another thanks to a few subliminal lyrical jabs -- appeared in a taped video to say that there are no hard feelings.

"Thank you guys for supporting us. Hopefully now our fans can support each other," Hilson said. "No more interviews about it. This is the last time we'll talk about it hopefully."

Ciara also declared it time for the media to stop pressing at the suspected beef and move on to something more interesting. "Radio interviewers, there's nowhere you can really go with this, at least from my perspective. There's so many better things to talk about and the last thing I want to do is sit down talking about some drama."

Tales of a possible feud began when Hilson supposedly took a few shots at CiCi in her 'Turnin Me On' remix. Although she later stated that the lyrics were not aimed at anyone in particular, that did little to quiet the rumormill. Earlier this year, it was reported that Hilson refused to perform New York's Power 105.1 Power Live concert after getting into a verbal altercation with Ciara, which she has also denied.

When we spoke to Ciara about the disagreement last month, she insisted that she has no time to deal with Internet drama, but steered clear of announcing an official ceasefire. "In reference to the Keri situation, I'm so in a different space mentally I can't even bring myself to do that," she said. "It's not [important] to me. There's just so much stuff to get out of life than that. There's so much more for me to accomplish in my career. Personally, I've decided that it doesn't make sense to do that.''

Getting on good terms comes just in time as both ladies are prepping new releases. Keri's 'No Boys Allowed' will drop Nov. 30, while Ciara's 'Basic Instinct' hits stores Dec. 14.