Kendrick Lamar is opening the door on the secrets held behind the walls in his cinematic, eight-minute video for "These Walls."

The Colin Tilley and the Little Homies-directed effort, labeled a "black comedy" by the beginning title sequence, starts off like a movie as Moochie (played by comedian Corey Holcomb) sits in a jail cell relaying the story of how he ended up behind bars. Apparently it's all K. Dot's fault. "It was Kendrick, yeah, Kendrick Lamar, that's right," he adamantly declares.

He proceeds to go deeper into the story filled with strippers, music and good times as the song begins and viewers are transported to a lively motel. While one person is passed out on the couch on the first floor, the camera moves upstairs as another man is falling down the steps. Others are dancing and macking in the hallway, pouring champagne in the bathroom or about to break out into a fight until we reach the To Pimp a Butterfly creator, whose dancing with a girl while she backs it up on him -- while another girl films.

It seems the music and partying is too loud though since a neighbor next door is complaining and banging on the walls. But just as the song goes "demolition might crush," the rapper crashes through the same wall and falls to the floor. He couldn't handle all that booty.

Like a mix of Tilley's other directed efforts, "Anaconda" and "Alright," the video melds socially conscious themes, sexual innuendos and silly moments. One for instance, is when the video goes offbeat and shows actor Terry Crews and the "King Kunta" rapper hitting the Quan for a talent show -- all while the 28-year-old boasts a nearly maniacal smile on his face.

At the end of the visual, the "i" rapper stares blankly into the camera as he spits the rhymes of the song for the first time in the video. As for Moochie, eventually the cops come in to grab him out of the party -- because he crashed into their car before heading inside. Throughout the video, it seems inspiration was taken from scenes from the '90s gangster movie, Menace II Society, as well. Check it out above.

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