Compton native Kendrick Lamar admits to getting emotional in the booth at times. Beyond exuding anger or frustration, he's gotten teary eyed while recording. This quality makes him not only endearing but one of the more honest rappers to hit the scene as of late.

"When I think about certain situations in my life, and how far I came and just doing something positive to make my family history, and my family proud, that's an emotional feeling right

there," Lamar tells The BoomBox.

The rapper showcases his raw sincerity on the breakout EP, 'O(verly) D(edicated),' and most recently with his critically acclaimed project, 'Section.80.'

Baring his soul is standard for Kendrick Lamar, even onstage. When asked about

which experience he prefers over the other -- studio or stage -- the 'Cloud 10' creator replies, "I'd say it's equal. I like performing because I like to touch the people, but I'm a studio rat at the same time, you know?"

"You can't perform if you don't have quality music out there," he continues. "When I get in my space and get in the zone at the studio, it takes me all the way back to the first time I ever heard myself on the mic. You can ask any artist, that's like, one of the best highs ever. Like, even if you ask a crackhead, so to speak, they're always chasing that first high. And when you do that in the studio, you wanna keep hearing it over again, and then when you see it become a success... It's crazy."

The 24-year-old West Coast rhymer recently teamed with L.A. producer Nosaj Thing for the track 'Cloud 10.' Microsoft reached out to the rapper and beatmaker respectively to craft the song to promote the Windows Phone.