We all know that Kendrick Lamar is serious when it comes to music, but who knew he likes to pull pranks on his friends? Fellow Black Hippy member Jay Rock was on the receiving end of a prank call from K. Dot and the conversation is hilarious.

While promoting his newly released album, 90059, the Watts, Calif. native was conducting an interview on Power 106’s Lift Off program when a mysterious female fan called into the show. The woman was showering Jay with compliments and telling him how she “loooved” his new album. "Man, I appreciate that, baby," he responded.

The devoted fan then revealed that she likes her men "tall, dark, and handsome" before asking Jay Rock for his number. “You know I don’t give my number out on-air,” he replied, telling her to “hit me up on Tinder.”

That's when the female's voice started to dip into a heavy baritone, which revealed the prankster -- Kendrick Lamar. “What up K. Dot!” laughed Rock. “You a fool!”

The To Pimp a Butterfly creator called in to give props to his comrade-in-rhymes and encourage the listeners to pick up his new album. “It feels good, just seeing the growth for someone who kicked in the door for me at TDE," he said. "He's always been the big bro."

Kendrick Lamar's prank was totally worth it and funny as hell. If you want a good laugh, check out the audio below.

Listen to Kendrick Lamar Prank Call Jay Rock on Power 106' Lift Off Show

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