Kendrick Lamar fans have heard two songs that will appear on his forthcoming major label debut album: "The Recipe" and "Cartoon & Cereal." The West Coast rapper, who's been relatively quiet about other tracks he's crafted for the effort, provides details on a short but poignant song that will also be included on the LP's tracklist.

"I've got a song called 'Dying of Thirst,'" the 25-year-old tells The BoomBox. "I want you to listen to it and then you'll understand what I'm talking about. Just life, in general, is the meaning behind it. It's a certain situation that I had to go through; I had to bump my head a few times to know what I had to do to get back right."

"Dying of Thirst," penned by Lamar, is comprised of personal lyrics, which is a testament to his authenticity as a true wordsmith.

"It's probably one of the deepest songs on [the album] that I've written," he admits. "It's real short though, probably only a minute or two. When people listen to the album a few more times, and go back and forth, they really understand the setting and the actual position that it has in the album and why it's in that tracklisting."

The Black Hippy member aims to give fans a cohesive listening experience once his new album comes to fruition.

"That's my whole thing -- I like doing whole bodies of work," Lamar shares. "I don't want people to listen one time and then pop in the next dude. I want them to actually live with [my album] for years and be able to understand it and digest it."

His debut opus, tentatively titled Good Kid in a Mad City, will feature tracks "Cartoon & Cereal," "Dying of Thirst" and "The Recipe," among others. The latter Lamar recently shot a video for, which also stars mentor and producer Dr. Dre in addition to Ab-Soul and Schoolboy Q, both part of the Black Hippy crew. The visuals are set to be released in the coming weeks.

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