There's no doubt that the issue of race never seems to be far from the surface, but in light of the Mike Brown and Eric Garner situations, conversations of race and injustice have once again come to the national forefront.

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Jan. 19), MTV will be airing short clips of artists like Kendrick Lamar, Common, Big Sean and others talking about race during the network's commercial breaks.

The slew of conversations are called 'The Talk.' Additionally, the network will be showing all of its programming in black and white from 9AM until 9PM.

Steve Friedman, MTV's president, said broadcasting these types of pieces are crucial to engage younger people to be conscious of certain prejudices and inequalities.

"Our audience is looking for a way to bring the national conversation on race into their homes, and this campaign will give them a forum to express true color bravery," he said.

In Lamar's video, he explains how his dad told him to be aware that his skin color would present some obstacles for him. "My father definitely talked to me about [race] early on," said the TDE rapper. "And he knew the moment I was born, the color of my skin was going to be put to the test, and that's just how it is, you know."

Watch Common, Big Sean, Jordin Sparks, Rick Ross and others talk about race for MTV's 'The Talk' here.

Watch Common talk about race on MTV's 'The Talk'

Watch Big Sean talk about race on MTV's 'The Talk'

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