Apparently, singer Kelly Rowland's biological clock is ticking. In an interview with the London Paper, the 28-year-old revealed that she's tired of waiting for Mr. Right and is ready to build a family via adoption.

"I've always known I would adopt in a heartbeat but I don't want a baby. I want to get a child that's five, six, or even 10," the former Destiny's Child member said in an interview.

Rowland went on to explain why she'd like to provide a home for an older child rather than an infant and credits her previous charity work. "I was doing Home for Holidays which is a charitable holiday program for kids in the States, and some of the statistics means that older children don't get adopted as much. I'd love to make a child feel that they're worth it because every child is worth it."

The singer also revealed that she may go the Angelina Jolie route and adopt more than one child. "I don't want that many children, but I want a family of five, including adopted children. That's still a lot, but I think it would be worth it."

In other news, Rowland is currently the co-host of the Bravo TV reality show The Fashion Show and is working on her third album.